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9:47 p.m. - Monday, Jul. 28, 2003

This afternoon, I went back and read my Blogathon entries (and the comments, which I just loved) and all I could see were typos and sentences that did not make sense and huge pictures. I really do need to learn how to make them smaller before I put them up. I can't believe I posted a picture of cannellini beans in a dish. And, the giant picture of the risotto balls and the recipe in paragraph form was great. I guess I was pretty tired by then. It isn't usually tough for me to stay up for 24 hours (even at my age). What made it so difficult this time was getting just a couple of hours of sleep the night before. So that was really stupid on my part. But at least I know to go to bed at a decent hour next year. Yeah, sometimes it takes me awhile to pick up on things.

And, I think I'll be having an editing session sometime this week and fixing my mistakes. I can't help it -- I am anal that way.

By the way, I picked up two more sponsors since the Blogathon ended: my sister, Susan, and a nice lady who once adopted a dog from Lhasa Happy Homes. Thank you so much to both of you!!

I think the Blogathon sponsor page closes tonight so if anyone out there would still like to make a donation to LHH, you can do it directly by going to the Lhasa Happy Homes site. Scroll down about halfway and use the Pay Pal link or the snail mail address. For those of you just tuning in, LHH is a rescue organization for small breed dogs -- Lhasa, Shih Tzu, Poms, Maltese -- based in Southern California. They pull dogs from local kill shelters (aka the pound) and find them good homes. Volunteers are always needed, hint hint. Check out the website for more information.

This is my favorite document ever put up on the Smoking Gun.

Anybody know who Natalie DiSpirito is? I keep getting hits for her. Except the results are not for her name but for Chef Rocco DiSpirito and different Natalies. My site only comes up for this on Google because I mentioned him once and I have the Natalie and Her Lovers site on my list of links (over on the right side). I'm also getting hits for pictures of Rocco. I guess people have seen that show he has now and are wanting to find out more about him. I don't know if they are still making new episodes but he was on a Food Network show called "Melting Pot." I didn't watch it much because it had a revolving cast of chefs and the majority of them really bugged me but I did like Rocco. I saw him with his mom on "Cooking Live" once and I remember Sara Moulton asking if they said "sauce" or "gravy" at their house. If you've got any Italian in you and you're from the east, I think you know what I am talking about.

Search Engine Hit of the Day: eating emery boards. Oh, and somebody from Boeing.com was googling rate my butt.



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