Diane - 2003-07-30 15:34:37
I beg to differ. The REAL question should be: Compadre or Goomba`?
Kel - 2003-07-30 22:08:11
I guess I don't get it. I call Gravy Gravy, and sauce sauce... like spaghetti sauce.. and brown gravy cream gravy etc. What the hell does this mean?
Betty - 2003-07-30 23:10:37
I'm with Kel on this one. You need to explain what the "it" is that we're calling. And, we don't say "spaghetti gravy", or "biscuits and sauce", right? I don't get it either. :0
Patty - 2003-07-30 23:38:19
I think you need to be at least part Italian to get it. I don't know how this debate started but I grew up in a house where we called spaghetti sauce "gravy." And I have since heard it talked about in other places (the Food Network, for one). Some of us say sauce and some of us say gravy. Amy's explanation was that it had to do with which part of Italy your family was from. For what it's worth, my dad's family is from South Philly by way of Abruzzi. I guess if your name doesn't end in a vowel, you can skip this poll. ;)
Betty - 2003-07-31 02:36:46
I'm telling ya, I work in a grocery store, and there isn't one can or jar that says spaghetti gravy. (I guess I'm gonna have to look now) BTW, my last name ends with an "e". heh

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