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5:59 a.m. - Saturday, Aug. 06, 2005

Welcome to the Blogathon!

Do I need to write more?

I did the Blogathon in 2003 to raise money for a local dog rescue. This year, I would have rather sponsored someone who was raising money for a local dog rescue, but as usual, I was too broke to do that.

So, here I am again. This time my charity is Bluegrass Shih Tzu Rescue.

Bluegrass is based in Kentucky. They get dogs from shelters, puppy mills and from owners who can no longer keep them, and find them good homes.

One of my friends is a member, and every time I turn around, she's sponsoring yet another dog. She offers to pay vet bills and shelter fees, and sometimes she even takes in a dog or two or five. Seriously, since I've known her, she has adopted five of them (three were a package deal). Since I can't donate to Bluegrass Rescue right now, I thought doing the Blogathon would be a way to raise some money for them, so they could save even more Shih Tzus.

Oh my god, my clock says 5:59!



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