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5:31 a.m. - Saturday, Aug. 06, 2005

Diaryland is being bratty so if you don't see the 9am entry, click Next and it should be there.

Things to do before the Blogathon:

  • Wake up
  • Make a pitcher of iced tea
  • Figure out what I'm going to say in my first entry

I was worried I was not going to wake up in time to post something at 6am today. Last time, I stayed up the Friday night before the Blogathon but I'm getting too old for that kind of thing. So, before I went to bed about midnight, I set my alarm for 5:30 and turned the volume on the radio all the way up so it would be blasting when it went off. I left one of the lights on in my bedroom, because even though I can sleep pretty much anywhere, I knew that would make me wake up every hour (and it did). I had also taken some extra insulin because I figured I'd end up low blood sugar and that would wake me up (and it did. At 4am).

So, I basically feel like crap. But I'm up and at my keyboard, and still have no idea what I am going to write about.

I'm also worried something will go wrong at Diaryland and none of my entries will show up.



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