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Testing the code
9:32 a.m. - Friday, Aug. 05, 2005

Is it just me or is this not working?

I've copied the code exactly as it was in the email I got. In the email, it was linked but the code itself doesn't have any links in it.

I whipped out my handy dandy HTML cheat sheet and it says in order to link to an image, you have to put the URL in the code too.

So, I took the middle image and linked it (in the code) and it works. Go ahead and click it.

So, I can see what the problem is but I don't know enough HTML or javascript or whatever the hell it is to make the PREV and NEXT images link to the blogs before me and after me in the ring.

And, yes, I've sent an email to the Blogathon site, asking for help.

I have until 6am tomorrow to get this fixed so I am not freaking out. Yet.



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