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Tallulah & My Favorite Jeans
9:41 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2003

Back in January, I created my virtual model, Tallulah, and put her picture here. Well, I was recently at the Levi's site and I found out I could dress my virtual model in my favorite jeans there.

Is it just my imagination or does Tallulah look like she's lost a few pounds? Well, even back in January when I created her, she appeared a lot slimmer than I am, even though I used my true height and weight. Her breasts are much perkier too but they don't let you have any control over that feature.

By the way, I just got a pair of these jeans on Ebay for six bucks, woo hoo!

I wish more sites let you dress your virtual model in their clothes. I could play with that for hours.

Click here to create your own Tallulah.



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