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5:59 p.m. - Thursday, Nov. 28, 2002

I am such a cheater...

This diary was originally started like 11 days ago. But now that I've learned some basic html, (bold, anyone?), changed my template, paid extra to add images, and now have diary #2 going, I can officially begin this one. Except right now I have nothing to say and I probably never will have anything to say. I just like adding links.

Why call it Tiny Hiney? Well, why not? Actually, I once heard about this Chihuahua named Tiny whose last name was Hines so he was called Tiny Hiney. That just totally cracked me up and I knew one day I'd have to use it somewhere. And I have used it a few times in the past. I wanted to call this Blah Blah Blah but that was taken, so once again, Tiny Hiney comes in handy. (Hey, I never claimed to be creative or anything.)

I originally used a template from Diaryland but wasn't crazy about the lay out and did not yet knowhow to change it. So I found one to use at Vikki Designs through Beautify. You can also get custom templates done and most of the ones I checked will do it for the purchase of something off their Amazon wish list. I think that's really cool.

And can I just say that I put in all these links here in the entry and over there on the right myself and was able to change my template thanks to a crash course in html from Webmonkey and Lissa Explains It All.

And can I also say it has taken me about 17236 hours to get the template the way I want it. That's a lot of time to put into something you aren't going to use.



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